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Tools used in facial treatments

Hand-On Facial Treatment:

In these treatments, the therapist or beautician uses her hands for massaging the face. No electronic devices, except a steam machine, are used in this process.

Facial kits used in this treatments, are all oil or cream based. Essential oils, gels or moisturising creams can be used, depending upon the type of skin, maturity of skin and the treatment. Gels are mostly used for oily and acne prone skins and oils or moisturising creams are used for dry to normal and matured skin types.

A clay or mud based face pack is used after the cleansing process and steam process (optional) is over to close the open pores and to provide nutrition to the skin. Sometimes for sensitive skins a peel off face mask is also used. These masks are gently peeled off from the face after they dry up. This peel off mask also works as an uplifting treatment as it tightens the skin.

Facials are one of the most popular beauty treatments to have in a beauty salon, as they are both extremely beneficial for the skin, and also very relaxing. There are many different types of facial available, both hands-on and those that incorporate electrotherapy, each with their own specific benefits.

All facials follow the same basic structure and order. They will begin with makeup removal and cleansing. The cleansing is normally repeated twice to ensure it is thorough. Then comes some method of exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and smooth the surface of the skin. A massage is then performed that can include all or some of the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back and even the hands or feet. Next a mask is applied, chosen according to the client’s specific skin type. Once the mask has been removed the skin is toned and the final eye, neck and face creams are applied.

In a 'hands-on' treatment, there are no electrotherapy machines used and the therapist will use her hands to perform the facial treatment. Sometimes, however, a steam machine is incorporated in these facials during or after cleansing, to open up the pores and allow a deeper cleansing action. Although strictly a steam machine is a type of electrotherapy machine, it is not considered to be invasive.

Naturoma Gold Facial

Gold facial

Sliver facial

Herbal facial

Diamond facial

Lotus facial

Fruit Facial

Wine Facial

Vitamin C Facial

Oxygen Facial

Collagen Facial

Deep Sea Facial

Deep Pore Facial


How to Use:
1.Cleanse face with AROMA skin pure cleanser. 2.Use AROMA Turmeric Apricot gentle scrub. Manually apply with finger tips and massage in small circles all over the face.Remove scrub with damp cotton. 3.Steam for 5-7 minutes 4.Apply Aroma Golden Glow gel on face and massage with finger tips.wipe off excess with damp cotton.for (oily skin). 5.Apply Aroma Golden Glow cream on face and massage with finger tips.wipe off excess with damp cotton.(for dry skin). 6.Apply Aroma Milky white mask on face. wipe off when it dries with damp cotton.(oily & dry skin) 7.Apply Aroma Chamomile vitamin E- soothing moisturizing lotion. leave it on.